Absolute Anime ~ Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Monday, January 22 at 4 PM (English subs)
Monday, January 22 at 7 PM (English dub)

“A brilliant feature-length anime that’s good enough to deserve mention in the same breath as Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Spirited Away.”
— Jamie Russell, BBC.com
KPAC presents COWBOY BEBOP: THE MOVIE as part of our Absolute Anime series. A terrorist explosion releases a deadly virus on the masses, and it’s up to the bounty-hunting Bebop crew to catch the cold-blooded culprit. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie captivates audiences with its seamless blend of stylish animation, compelling storytelling, and an enthralling jazz-infused soundtrack, showcasing the beloved series’ signature allure on the big screen.
Rated: TV-14 | 1 hr 55 min | Tickets: $8 Adult or Film Pass


Jan 22 2024

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