Moscow Film Society | Babe: Pig in the City

Tuesday, June 18 at 7 PM

“Carries its predecessor’s torch into darker, quixotic territories, bursting at the seams with folkloric witticism and hellzapoppin’ imagery.”
— Rob Humanick, Slant Magazine
Moscow Film Society presents BABE: PIG IN THE CITY, George Miller’s misunderstood gonzo masterpiece hidden in a kids’ pig movie. Babe, fresh from his victory in the sheepherding contest, returns to Farmer Hoggett’s farm, but after Farmer Hoggett is injured and unable to work, Babe has to go to the big city to save the farm. Brought to you by the creator of the Mad Max universe, this is definitely one of the craziest kids’ films ever put on celluloid. Now that you have rewatched Fury Road and seen Furiosa, come and watch the most fascinating and bonkers film in George Miller’s filmography, Babe: Pig in the City.
Rated: PG | 1 hr 37 min | Tickets: $8 Adult / $5 Child / Film Pass


Jun 18 2024

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