Reopening The KenWorthy

The Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre remains committed the safety of our community as we reopen, following local mandates.

Read our reopening statement from the Executive Director. 

As we welcome you through our doors again, know that our staff remains committed to our enhanced cleaning, sanitization, and safety protocols as our new standard going forward. We invite you to update your calendars with the next Kenworthy showing and will continue offer private rentals for our patrons desiring a more socially distanced theatre experience.

We are thankful for your support and patience throughout recent events and look forward to seeing you in your favorite seat for your next Kenworthy experience!

Heath and Wellness Policies

At the Kenworthy we care about each of our guests. Our current sanitation protocols will continue going forward, not just for the pandemic but also for general health and wellness of our patrons. These protocols include:

  • Face Coverings – Face coverings are required in all spaces of our theater unless seated in the auditorium.
  • Social Distancing – Please respect the 6ft distancing. To support this we have limited seating to a maximum of 60 attendees and one event per day.
  • Hand Sanitizer Station – We ask that you use the Hand Sanitizer Station at the concessions stand upon entering and leaving.
  • Team Wellness – Our team will participate in daily wellness screening before working.
  • Increased Cleaning –Sanitization of common surfaces (counters, bathrooms, seats, etc.) which meet CDC guidelines for virus destruction.
  • Education – Staff education on proper CDC sanitization recommendations and procedures.
  • PPE – Continued availability of hand sanitizer and PPE supplies for patrons and staff.
  • Airflow – The Kenworthy is currently on the waitlist for HVAC air filtration system to better enhance the cleanliness and quality of air.
  • Mandates – We will continue to follow state and local guidelines. In addition, the Kenworthy,  follows the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) CinemaSafe model.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the availability of vaccines, increased sanitation measures, easement of local mandates and state guidelines, we feel that the time is right for us to reopen our doors to the community. The Kenworthy is committed to ensuring a safe, welcoming theatre experience to all patrons and we will continue to monitor and follow CDC and governmental mandates as they update.


We are following local mandates and state guidelines for reopening for a facility of our function and size. At this time we are limiting the number of guests to 60 which allows for proper social distance seating inside the auditorium. 

In line with local mandates masks are required to be worn until you are seated in the auditorium. For your safety and the safety of others we that you wear your mask while moving about the theater.

No. The Kenworthy is dedicated to hosting and providing high quality arts experiences to residents of and visitors to the Palouse Region. In alignment with our goals to prohibit discrimination, in the entertainment and in the audience, we do not believe that we can require proof of vaccination or a “vaccine passport.”

We invite you to explore our options available (private rental, scheduled low admittance social distance events, online steaming, etc.) for joining us for your next Kenworthy experience.

We encourage you to take initiative on self-care and your level of comfort as the community transitions back to in-person gatherings at the Kenworthy. We understand that individual levels of comfort vary and we will welcome you when we see you!

The KPAC Board of Directors and Executive Director place the highest priority on our guests AND our staff. Our vice president visited with the staff about their concerns and confirmed the Board of Directors’s commitment to their safety and feelings about reopening. With their input guiding our reopening plans to the public, and the Board of Directors full support, our team is ready to see you at the Kenworthy!

Yes! In preparation of our reopening we are looking to add to our current roster of staff members. Visit for details. 

We are currently working with film companies to bring quality films back to you. Stay tuned for film announcements. 

Over the last 15 months we haven’t had the opportunity to present film on the big screen. We are taking this opportunity to bring you films you haven’t had a chance to view they way they are intended; on screen, in a theater, with your community. 

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