Video Collection Sale

On March 26, 2020 the Main Street Video Cooperative closed its doors. The catalog of approximately 30,000 films, documentaries, and television shows was gifted to the Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre. The film catalog contains many hard-to-find foreign and classic films along with the important classic and modern films that make up the famed Criterion Collection.

This vast collection is a beloved asset to our community and the Kenworthy intends to make it as accessible as possible for people to acquire videos. Videos will be sold at $2 each with a minimum of a $20 purchase (10 titles)*.

We are still filtering through all the titles and for ease of fulfillment we are only doing sales per genre. Orders will be time stamped and films will be sold on a first come first served basis. The list of current films for sale will be released one day prior to sales.

Due to CDC recommendations at this time we are not allowing anyone to peruse the titles in the building. At this time we will be only offering one genre at a time so we may better serve you and fulfill orders at a quicker rate.

Here is the line up for the first week of sales:

Action: sale over

Anime: sale over

Apes/Alien/Predator: sale over

Classic Sci-Fi aka “the nerd room”: sale over

Comic Books: sale over

War & Martial Arts: On sale from 6/3-6/5

Comedy: One sale from 6/6-6/9

Sci-fi: On sale from 6/10-6/13