Sound on Screen: Moulin Rouge!

Tuesday, August 22 at 7 PM

“Moulin Rouge seems to defy esthetic gravity: by reveling in all things artificial, it arrives, giddily, at the genuine.”
— Newsweek
KPAC presents MOULIN ROUGE! as part of our Sound on Screen series featuring films all about music! A poor Bohemian poet in 1890s Paris falls for a beautiful courtesan and nightclub star coveted by a jealous duke. MOULIN ROUGE! is all style, all giddy, over-the-top spectacle. Baz Luhrmann’s masterpiece of artifice is daring in its vision and wildly original. A movie so fantastically big that it has to be seen on the big screen!
Rated: PG-13 | 2 hr 6 min | Tickets: $7 Adult or Film Pass


Aug 22 2023

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