Accessibility Equipment

The Kenworthy is committed to providing arts experiences for all.

With that in mind, we have acquired closed captioning for the hearing impaired and audio description for the visually impaired*. With your help, we purchased a stage lift that will allow people with ambulatory impairments to access our stage. Now, as we approach our renovation, we are planning accommodations such as increased accessible seating spaces and better lighting to meet the needs of our audience.

Please visit Kenworthy concessions counter to obtain your device or for any other accessible related questions.

*Please note that not all titles are compliant with closed captions and/or audio descriptions. Ask any Kenworthy employee for assistance.

  • Closed Caption Headset Receiver.

    Glasses with captions that receives caption via Infrared energy.

  • Personal Closed Captioning device

    Receives and displays captions via infrared energy.

  • Headphone Receiver

    A two channel Infrared headphone that delivers descriptive narration, known as Descriptive Video Services and can also enhance dialogue for the hearing impaired.

  • Protege Portable Stage Wheelchair Lift

    Whether it’s getting actors and personnel up on the stage, or providing events access this wheelchair lift provides ADA-compliant event access for both front and back-of-house applications